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Meanwhile, all foreign journalists are tracked down and sent out of the country: Sean is the only remaining foreigner in his hotel.

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The film addresses questions of the role of the documentary filmmaker — whether to stay or leave? What to film or not?

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  • The Reluctant Revolution?
  • The Reluctant Revolutionary?

Which side to take? The country is expecting a massacre — as the call to prayer sounds, we see makeshift hospitals in the background with hundreds of empty beds and drips lined up waiting to receive new casualties from the street. Kais, like everybody, worries about the future of Yemen: Instead, the financial security made it possible for Darwin to dedicate his life to science and to become the world-famous figure we know today. The master bedroom in Down House where Emma Darwin had her desk.

John Jay: The Reluctant Revolutionary

Inside the house, photographs and documents reveal sides of Darwin that few people know, including that of a family man. In the Darwin family, work and pleasure were intertwined.

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Emma translated the work and correspondence of her husband in Italian and French, while the children helped their father with his experiments in the house and on the large tract of land around the house where animals grazed. Following his voyage around the world, it was in this house that Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species , published in The exhibition shows that Darwin was influenced by prominent scientists and philosophers, such as Carl Linneaus, who established a classification scheme for all plants and animals, and Thomas Robert Malthus, who developed the economic theory of continuous struggle for resources.

The kitchen garden at Down House where many of the vegetables grown here today are the same varieties as the ones in Darwin's time. While studying theology at university, Darwin became acquainted with the mineralogist and botanist John Henslow, who suggested that he undertake the journey on the naval vessel HMS Beagle as a gentleman companion to Captain FitzRoy, a trip that ultimately laid the foundation for his evolutionary theory.

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  • The Reluctant Revolution.
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Darwin observed species he encountered, took extensive notes, and collected specimens such as fossils, skeletons, taxidermied animals, and even live animals, which he sent back to London. A close-up of the insectivorous insect eating plants in the greenhouse.

Smart bombs: air warfare undergoes a reluctant revolution.

He did not have the preconceptions that come with specialization. Thanks to his limitless interests, he observed many species and discovered large variations within species of animals and plants, which led him to conclude that species adapt to their environment. In the Galapagos Islands, he noted the different species, such as tortoises, seemed to be adapted to the natural environment of each island in order to survive. It took years for Darwin to write and publish his book.

In , Darwin entrusted his wife Emma with an outline of his theory. At that time he was already aware of its revolutionary nature: His theory of evolution and natural selection also challenged the idea of a natural order or that man was somehow special.

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He was challenging core religious belief systems that had prevailed for centuries.