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And as a matter of fact, midterm elections are usually not about the economy , but about overall assessments of the president. To the extent they play to the culture-war base, they make it very hard for the suburban upscale voters who might actually believe they are benefiting from the current economy to make that their decision-point. And yet the GOP appears at far greater risk next week of losing upper-middle-class voters on cultural grounds than it does of losing working-class voters for economic reasons.

The major exception is a few midwestern industrial states, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio, where Democrats appear to be clawing back into contention among working-class whites. The cycle of trading culturally liberal suburban for culturally conservative white evangelical and working-class voters can become self-perpetuating, as Brownstein notes:. The paradox that the final stage of the election reveals is this: So the culture-war mood among Republicans may become more, not less, intense after the midterms. And if, between now and , the economy slows down, you can expect Trump to get downright medieval on cultural issues.

One was ousted from NPR amid allegations of sexual harassment. The other left Fox News shortly after writing a column widely panned as racist and anti-gay. The Trump administration is changing the way it reviews sponsors who want to care for migrant children in government custody — backing off a requirement that all people in the house are fingerprinted.

The fingerprint requirement began in June amid the zero-tolerance policy at the border that led to the separation of some 2, children from their parents. The children taken from parents were placed in shelters until a sponsor, often a parent or other family member, could be found and evaluated before releasing the children to that sponsor.

But the addition of fingerprinting has slowed the process and clogged the shelters. The information is shared with U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and officers have arrested some sponsors and others on immigration violations using the fingerprint data. A Brooklyn State Senator sent a bad tweet. Self-driving cars in a Arizona city are starting to deliver groceries to local residents without the help of human drivers.

On Tuesday, supermarket chain Kroger announced it was launching the first-ever unmanned delivery service in Scottsdale, Arizona, through autonomous vehicles from Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup. I am officially declaring e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic in the United States. Now is the time to take action. We need to protect our young people from all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

Niall Ferguson on the Intellectual Dark Web and the Culture War (Pt. 1)

Less than 24 hours after it began, a Kentucky special session on pension reform ends with nothing accomplished. A panel of federal judges announced Tuesday that it is dismissing all of the 83 ethics complaints brought against Justice Brett Kavanaugh regarding his behavior during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

The Toxic Cycle That Keeps Republicans Focused on Culture War

Their dismissal did not question the validity of the complaints but concluded that lower-court judges do not have the authority to investigate or punish Supreme Court justices. Traditionally, a presidential reelection committee has worked in tandem with the national party committee, not subsumed it. Under the plan, which has been in the works for several weeks, the Trump reelection campaign and the RNC will merge their field and fundraising programs into a joint outfit dubbed Trump Victory.

The goal is to create a single, seamless organization that moves quickly, saves resources, and — perhaps most crucially — minimizes staff overlap and the kind of infighting that marked the relationship between the Trump campaign and the party. While a splintered field of Democrats fight for the nomination, Republicans expect to gain an organizational advantage. This is one of a growing number of internment camps in the Xinjiang region, where by some estimates 1 million Muslims are detained, forced to give up their language and their religion and subject to political indoctrination.

Now, the Chinese government is also forcing some detainees to work in manufacturing and food industries. Some of them are within the internment camps; others are privately owned, state-subsidized factories where detainees are sent once they are released. The Associated Press has tracked recent, ongoing shipments from one such factory inside an internment camp to Badger Sportswear, a leading supplier in Statesville, North Carolina. The shipments show how difficult it is to stop products made with forced labor from getting into the global supply chain, even though such imports are illegal in the U.

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  5. President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to create a unified combatant command for space operations, Vice President Mike Pence announced on Tuesday. This will clearly take a while. Was the 44th president really a liberal Republican all along? In particular, debates over the development of national educational standards in revolved around whether the study of American history should be a "celebratory" or "critical" undertaking and involved such prominent public figures as Lynne Cheney , Rush Limbaugh , and historian Gary Nash.

    A worldview called neo-conservatism shifted the terms of the debate in the early s. Neo-conservatives differed from their opponents in that they interpreted problems facing the nation as moral issues rather than economic or political issues. For example, the decline of the traditional family structure was seen as a spiritual crisis by neo-conservatives that required a spiritual response. Critics accused neo-conservatives of confusing cause and effect. In Canada , "culture war" refers to differing values between Western versus Eastern Canada , urban versus rural Canada , as well as conservatism versus liberalism.

    The phrase "culture war" or "culture wars" in Canada describes the polarization between the different values of Canadians. It can still be used to describe historical events in Canada, such as the Rebellions of , Western Alienation , the Quebec sovereignty movement , and any Aboriginal conflicts in Canada , but is more relevant to current events such as the Grand River land dispute and the increasing hostility between conservative and liberal Canadians.

    Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don't like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin. Andrew Coyne termed this negative policy towards the arts community 'class warfare'. Interpretations of Aboriginal history became part of the wider political debate sometimes called the " culture wars " during the tenure of the Liberal—National Coalition government of to , with the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard publicly championing the views of some of those associated with Quadrant.

    Marcia Langton has referred to much of this wider debate as "war porn" [21] and as an "intellectual dead end".

    Culture war - Wikipedia

    Two Australian Prime Ministers, Paul Keating in office and John Howard in office , became major participants in the "wars". According to Mark McKenna's analysis for the Australian Parliamentary Library, [23] John Howard believed that Paul Keating portrayed Australia pre- Whitlam Prime Minister from to in an unduly negative light; while Keating sought to distance the modern Labor movement from its historical support for the monarchy and for the White Australia policy by arguing that it was the conservative Australian parties which had been barriers to national progress and excessively loyal to the British Empire.

    Keating staunchly supported a symbolic apology to indigenous people for the misdeeds of past governments, and outlined his view of the origins and potential solutions to contemporary Aboriginal disadvantage in his Redfern Park Speech of 10 December drafted with the assistance of historian Don Watson. In , following the release of the Bringing Them Home Report, Howard passed a Parliamentary Motion of Reconciliation describing treatment of Aborigines as the "most blemished chapter" in Australian history, but he did not make a Parliamentary apology.

    Keating has argued for the eradication of remaining symbols linked to British origins: In he described those who gathered there as "misguided". In John Howard said in a speech to mark the 50th anniversary of Quadrant that "Political Correctness" was dead in Australia but: The defeat of the Howard government in the Australian Federal election of and its replacement by the Rudd Labor government altered the dynamic of the debate.

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    Rudd made an official apology to the Aboriginal Stolen Generation [28] with bi-partisan support. Subsequent to the change of government, and prior to the passage, with support from all parties, of the Parliamentary apology to indigenous Australians, Professor of Australian Studies Richard Nile argued: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the "culture war" between the German state and the Roman Catholic Church in the s, see Kulturkampf. The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. You may improve this article , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate.

    October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ethnocultural politics in the United States. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

    Culture war

    Battle of Alberta and Battle of Ontario. Life issues Capital punishment Universal healthcare Reproductive rights , including birth control and its coverage by insurance and abortion Right to die movement and euthanasia Stem-cell research Gender and sexuality Feminism Homosexuality , LGBT rights , and Same-sex marriage Age of consent Pornography Sex work Sexual revolution Polyamory Education and parenting Creation-evolution controversy Family values Homeschooling and Educational choice Corporal punishment and Child discipline , most notably spanking Sexual education and abstinence only education Drugs Legal drinking age Recreational drug use and Drug decriminalization Harm reduction War on Drugs Environment and Energy Global warming and climate change mitigation [35] Society and culture Animal Rights Christmas controversy Counterculture Cultural conflict History wars Geographical renaming Race , affirmative action Media bias in the U.

    Retrieved March 27, Archived from the original on March 8, Retrieved August 29, Not since Pat Buchanan's famous 'culture war' speech in has a major speaker at a national political convention spoken so hatefully, at such length, about the opposition. Retrieved November 3, An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints, and Voices.

    Liberty Versus Conservatism in the New The Globe and Mail. This isn't a culture war, it's a good old class war". History in a holding pattern". Retrieved April 27, Journal of Visual Culture , Vol. Trapped in the aboriginal reality show. Griffith Review , Research Paper 5 The Parliament of Australia.