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It is because of this eternal perspective that Paul can stress over and over again to rejoice in the Lord. Two other important aspects of Philippians deserve mention.

Philippians (The Story Of God Bible Commentary Series)

First, Paul thanks the Philippians for being a part of his ministry and supporting him financially since they first met. Apparently no other church did that. What a testimony for today—that witness of perseverance and constancy of friendship. Second, Paul does not hold grudges. He does not care if he is personally attacked.

Philippians by Lynn H. Cohick

I find that generous spirit often lacking today, especially in the anonymity of the blog world. Christians take pot shots at each other and often speculate on moral reasons for decisions taken, impugning character. Paul wrote Philippians as a personal letter. He was vulnerable and honest about the ups and downs of ministry. How is that valuable information, for the Philippians and for us? Moreover, while he is prepared to give his life for Christ, he also fully acknowledges the pain of death—the death of friends such as Epaphroditus. Paul encouraged the church to greater fellowship, to more unity.

Paul pictures the Christian life as being a member of a team whose coach is Jesus Christ.

Story of God Bible Commentary: Philippians

This new life begins now, in a new family—the family of God. About Meet the Author Series. Lynn H Cohick Lynn H. Scot Mcknight , John Byron. View Product Add To Basket. Available for immediate download.

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View Product Add eBook. Cohick is a fine writer, whose prose is clear and engaging. I don't have to waste brain energy trying to figure out what she means. Some of my favorite parts of this commentary are when she tells stories from her own experience, such as the time she and her family lived in Kenya. This commentary is perfectly suited for thoughtful Christians, including Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, pastors, youth leaders, and others who want to understand Philippians and live into its story.

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I am an author of one of the volumes in this commentary series. I joined this series, in part, because of my high regard for its authors and editors, including Lynn Cohick. So, I'm not surprised that I am impressed by this volume. I have received no compensation for this review, though I did receive a complementary copy of the book. I liked it so much, however, that I bought my own Kindle version.

Engaging read, thoughtful and clearly expressed ideas, helpful insights on historical issues surrounding the time of the author and originally intended recipients of the letter.

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Good blend of scholarship and personnel application. Can be skimmed and yet helpful but complete enough as a primary reference.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed my reading and study of this Bible commentary on the Epistle to the Philippians. One of the more impressive points for this series is the exceptional blend of scholasticism and practical application with which the commentary has been written. It does not take much reading to realize the erudite study that has gone into this work; however, the high level of academia never smothers the reader.

On the contrary, I found my reading experience highly engaging. There are several things about this commentary that makes it a new favorite of mine. First, I really like the format. While there is a great deal of study and academic insight evident in her work, I particularly delighted in her synthesis and subjective interpretation of her material.