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Last but not least, sleuth around your area to see if there are speciality stores that carry gluten-free artisanal goodies croutons, flatbreads or crostini toasts.

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Finding a local company that makes your gluten-free life that much more dee-yummy-licious is worth the extra effort. You need to keep an arsenal of gluten-free flours in your freezer. My freezer always has: Making your own blend will save money and give you precise textures.

Results of going Gluten Free for 21 days how much weight I lost and inches

Many recipes will call for xanthan or guar gum, a product that adds bouncy texture to baked goods in an attempt to mimic gluten. Experiment with and without them to decide for yourself. Add flours to a large mixing bowl.

12 essentials for the gluten-free pantry

Whisk to combine and store in an airtight container. It will keep up to 6 months or more if stored in the fridge or freezer. I only stumbled upon you because you pinned something on mine.. Have you ever checked out the homemade flour cookbook http: And thanks for your encouraging words — they made my morning. Your email address will not be published.

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10 Essential Food Staples in My Gluten-Free Kitchen

I can always be bribed with sushi or tex-mex, and I love to embarrass my husband by cranking the music and dancing badly in the passenger seat. Are you hungry for a breakfast revolution in your house that won't leave you hungry an hour later?

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Need some new breakfast recipes under your belt that are made with real-food, nutrient-dense and gluten-free ingredients? The Breakfast Revolution e-cookbook is your solution. This refreshingly honest and helpful eBook will encourage and equip you to take back your family dinner hour, and transform it into an enjoyable experience once again. And you can do it within the framework of a nourishing, real-food diet.

But first, figure out what to put in your cart. Get my best advice and tricks from a decade of experience, all in this book. Top 10 staples to keep on hand for a GF kitchen 1. Rice flour This is probably the most commonly used flour in gluten-free baking and cooking.

GF oats Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may require your oats to be certified gluten-free. Quinoa pasta I stumbled on this brand at my local Costco a few months back, and it has been a total game-changer! Rice cakes or crackers They are processed, yes, but minimally so. We put almond butter on them, dip them in hummus, or eat them plain.

Gluten-Free Kitchen Essentials

Tapioca and potato starch Like I mentioned above in 1, a good gluten-free all purpose baking flour is typically composed of several different flours and starches. Nuts We find that with the absence of the usual processed junk-food snacks in the house, we need to be vigilant about keeping quick snacks on hand.

We also keep almond flour on hand to bake with, and love the texture of the baked goods! What else is good to keep on hand in a gluten-free kitchen? Thanks to Plan to Eat for sponsoring this post! Clients would likely benefit greatly from such a resource; you can either develop your own or refer to others found on the Internet.

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For example, when storing items, Begun advises clients to dedicate space in their pantry and refrigerator for only gluten-free goods and place them on shelves above gluten-containing foods. Appliances also can introduce unwanted gluten into meals and snacks.

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A handout explaining simple ways to make over common gluten-containing meals or even naturally gluten-free meals can help get clients off and running once their kitchen is well stocked and equipped. Fenster likes to recommend clients begin by cooking foods that are naturally gluten free but that everyone loves and recognizes, such as roast chicken with baked potatoes, roast beef with mashed potatoes, grilled salmon with rice, lentil or other types of bean soups, and mixed green salads.

Gluten Free for the Holidays No more pumpkin pie, turkey stuffing, or holiday cookies? With just a handful of holiday-specific tips and tricks, you can prevent a joyous holiday season from losing its luster for clients with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Making two options for everything at holiday parties can be time consuming, so Begun advises making as much of the meal gluten free as possible. And clients should thicken gravy with cornstarch or rice flour. And use the same spices, aromatics, etc, but be sure to use gluten-free chicken or vegetable broth. Directions Cook the brown and wild rice according to their package instructions. While the rice is cooking, prepare the dressing by whisking together the olive oil, wine vinegar, thyme, and garlic.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. In a large bowl, mix the vinaigrette with the warm brown and wild rice and toss to coat. Mix in the cranberries and pecans and evenly distribute. Nutrient Analysis per serving Calories: Rich and hearty, this biscuitlike topping is perfect for our chicken version or your own favorite pot pie filling.