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As any decent warhammer book I as an experienced reader did less then a week to finish a sign for me that it was well written. The switching of scenes was done decently perhaps a bit to many storylines to follow but a small bit of criticism does not lower my appreciation of the book. So great pulp fantasy literature as it should be! This is the story of Malekith's plot to throw the Dwarf and Elf nation into a war which he hopes will decimate the both of them so he and his Druchi kin can take over Asur and finally take the title as the Pheonix King.

It takes place in the time of legend, in the time before the Human empire, when the Dwarves and Elves had pushed back much of chaos and its nerfarious minions. In the days of Gotrek Starbreaker and Caledor. The very same Gotrek who's warhammer Sigmar himself is gifted at a later This is the story of Malekith's plot to throw the Dwarf and Elf nation into a war which he hopes will decimate the both of them so he and his Druchi kin can take over Asur and finally take the title as the Pheonix King.

The very same Gotrek who's warhammer Sigmar himself is gifted at a later date. The book is quite interesting and it follows canon nicely from what i remember from my days of Warhammer. It keeps things interesting and at times you truly can see the intense arrogance of both elf and dwarf. As for the book itself it follows Gotrek, Snorri Halfhand Son of Gotrek , Morrgrim Cousin of Snorri and Nephew of Gotrek , Imaldrik Brother of Caledor, the phoenix king , Nadri Copperfist clan dwarf , Helgan Engineer sage and many others which become interesting stories in their own right and many of these are people which will shape the story to come in future books i suspect, but you can already see foreshadowings of many wonders made by these people.

It is an interesting book if you like Warhammer. If not, then it is a interesting fantasy book if nothing else. The Dwarfs and Elves. The Elves from their island homeland and the Dwarfs from their Mountain holds had an age of peace and prosperity, and were great allies.

But a storm is coming, as there are increasing reports of dwarf caravans being attacked, and it seems elves are to blame. As the High King of the dwarfs tries to make peace between the too races, the el The Great Betrayal by Nick Kyme The War of Vengeance 1 Before the rise of the Empire and the other nations of man two races ruled the earth: Snorri Halfhand, son of the High King already leads an army on a march to elven land, against his fathers will.

Will the High King of the dwarfs manage to make one final peace attempt? Or will the two great races rage war on one another, leading them to ruin. To discover what happens pick up a copy today at the nearest bookstore. For more information about the book, visit this site: Jan 20, Matt rated it liked it.

Workmanlike genre-fic revealing the animosity between dwarfs and elves in the Warhammer world. Despite some attempts at characterisation the main protagonists fall fairly flat and one dimensional with the exception of the Dark Elf assassins and the dwarven runemasters.

Some good set piece battles but overall an average introduction to the series. Feb 27, Amber rated it really liked it. I loved it - absolutely beautiful writing style as always, focuses on the diplomacy or lack of it and relationships between characters above all, but gah so frustrating at the end! I have to read more now - didn't know this was a trilogy. Nov 07, Christoph Weber rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 01, Piper rated it it was amazing.

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the writing style and the story. Dec 03, Alexander Denley rated it really liked it. Great way to kick off the series. Can't wait for the sequel! Mads Nielsen rated it really liked it Apr 08, Aaron Huff rated it it was amazing Apr 10, Matthew Cheung rated it really liked it Mar 29, Thesexycaptain rated it really liked it Dec 07, Patrick rated it really liked it Feb 04, Thrazzon rated it really liked it Jan 23, Milo BOK rated it liked it Sep 16, Clyde Wolfe rated it liked it Oct 21, Theofilos rated it liked it Apr 18, Harjawalder rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Marek rated it really liked it Nov 18, Joseph Scott rated it really liked it Jan 02, Lisa Ryckman rated it liked it Aug 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

His credits include the popular Salamanders series and several audio dramas. Other books in the series. War of Vengeance 4 books. Books by Nick Kyme. See All Goodreads Deals…. Trivia About The Great Betrayal. Please enter your email address into the box below and press 'notify me' for availability updates. Digg Delicious Reddit StumbleUpon. There aren't any reviews published for this product yet, why not be the first to write one?

Write your own review. Anime All your anime favourites, ready to buy online! They argue heatedly while Yingxiong looks on from outside. Ziyu reprimands her subordinates when negotiations with the pilots break down. She criticises them for being incompetent. After Ziyu returns home that night, she cries in the toilet. Bryan recognises that his wife is stressed, but he feels helpless.

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Zishan is in a bad mood. She scolds the maid, Yuni, for treating her like a disabled person. Zishan blames Zihong, who retorts and leaves home in a rage. Zihong wanders in the streets, unable to find a place to stay. Yingxiong, who has been waiting for the opportunity, comes out and offers to let her stay at his place. Out of boredom, Tiantian chats with Ziting and prepares dessert for her.

She reminds him not to cook green bean soup, which she hates. He brings her green bean soup, which she eats readily. Yingxiong observes the happenings within Prosperity Hall from outside. He notices when Datong is the only one around and unable to cope. Grabbing the opportunity, Yingxiong offers to help with the patients and customers. Yingxiong manages with ease. Pleased with his performance, Datong asks if he will come again the next day.

Yingxiong volunteers to help out at Prosperity Hall. Yuanhao and Shuzhi speculate about his motive. At the fruit stall, Zihao asks his parents for money. Yuanhao wants him to help out at Prosperity Hall in return. A video showing Zishan giving free consultation is posted on the Internet. The comments are positive. Tiantian shares the video with everyone. Zihong admits to Yingxiong that it was she who posted the video clip.

She still cares about Prosperity Hall and her family. He advises her to return home. In public, Zishan and He Sheng seem to have a good relationship, but when they are alone, he shuns her. Zihong is so angry that she nearly hits him. Zihong is so enraged that she quarrels with Yuanhao. During the commotion, Baojie notices Megan filming the whole incident. Megan tries to avoid Baojie but to no avail. It happens that they know each other. Niujing and Xiaoqiang discuss the overseas trip for the Chinese herbs business.

Xiaoqiang is undecided, as Zijun is pregnant. Ziting encourages him to go. Ziting has queries about the authenticity and source of the Chinese herbs. Being a layman, Niujing is caught off-guard by her questions. He almost gives himself away. Neither is willing to compromise. The others try to persuade Zihong to apologise to her mother. Ziting asks Pierre if he is serious about marriage.

He says yes, and she is elated. When she asks how he had obtained her phone number, he replies using the lies Tiantian had taught him. She refuses to give in. When he extorts money from her, she laments that he will never change. Datong allows Yingxiong to help out in Prosperity Hall. He is also willing to teach the latter. Disgruntled, she goes to the hawker centre. The people there advise her to stay out of trouble and stop beating people up.

Tiantian and Fangfang also urge her to tame her temper.

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity | Mises Institute

Ziyu berates Yunyun for skipping work. Yingxiong is surprised Ziyu is so fierce. He laments that she has changed so much since their childhood days. Nonetheless, Ziyu returns to the office and reprimands them. She even throws her laptop to the floor, shocking everyone. Worried her bipolar disorder is worsening, he tries to persuade her to take a break. She turns a deaf ear to his advice. Zihong goes into a foul mood after everyone criticises her for being a troublemaker. Pierre visits Ziting again, bearing a cake he has baked.

Zishan comments that it is awful. Pierre is embarrassed only Ziting and Tiantian appreciate his cake. He reminds Pierre not to let her down. Finding it unusual that Tiantian is so concerned about Ziting, Pierre asks if he likes her. Pierre nearly finds out that he likes Ziting.

They chat, and Megan shares that she is from a rich family. Zijun ridicules her for bragging. Baojie happens to drive by. He sees Megan entering the Huang residence. Out of curiosity, he gets Zihao to go with him to find out what is going on. Suddenly, Zihong rushes out of her room. She is unexpectedly friendly to Zihao. Ziting and the others heave a sigh of relief. Baojie reveals to Zihao that he is interested in giving Zihong a makeover.

Zihao is sure he will not succeed. Baojie waits for Megan to come out. It turns out they are paternal half-siblings, and Megan really does come from a rich family. Yingxiong continues to help out at Prosperity Hall. Zihong has been suppressing her anger towards Zihao. To vent her frustrations, she practises her lion dance routines the whole afternoon. When Tiantian realises Fangfang is coming home with Zihong, he hides Pierre in his room. Zihong confides in Fangfang while drinking beer. She makes some calming herbal tea and advises her to take a break. Ziyu reproaches Bryan for being nosy.

Unable to sleep, Ziyu takes two sleeping pills. Subsequently, she pours herself a handful of sleeping pills because she is still unable to sleep.

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Just in time, however, she stops herself from swallowing the pills. She accidentally bumps into Yingxiong. He tries to prevent her from falling, and she accuses him of molest. They are sceptical of his motives in joining Prosperity Hall. After Tiantian reveals Datong is going to train Yingxiong, Shuzhi makes plans to rope Yingxiong over to their side.

Yingxiong is grateful to Zihong for speaking up for him. He says jokingly that he is going to court her. Outrightly, she refuses to entertain him. However, Tiantian persuades her to accept Yingxiong. Ziting and Zijun express their concern for Ziyu, and Datong advises her to slow her pace. Zishan and He Sheng clear their awkwardness over dinner. He Sheng suspects it to be a psychological issue and advises Zishan to show more concern for her.

Ziyu snaps at them. Ziyu starts another round of negotiation with the pilots. Suddenly, she gets distracted and her mind comes to a blank. She composes herself quickly and turns the tables around using an aggressive approach. Everyone is impressed by her strong will. He pushes himself to attain a notable achievement. Zijun accidentally barges in and sees them and the accessories. Zixin is secretly pleased.

The Great Betrayal

She is shocked to see his drawings of a nude woman. When he asks her to be his model, she misunderstands and assumes he wants to draw her naked. Tiantian overhears Liangliang addressing Zihong as his mother, and quickly informs Yuanhao and Shuzhi that Zihong and Yingxiong are about to get married. Tiantian has the mistaken impression Zihong and Yingxiong are dating, and informs Yuanhao and Shuzhi. Outraged, Zihong demands an explanation from Yingxiong. He replies jokingly that he does want to court her.

They feel the joke has gone too far. The video clip showing Ziyu accusing Yingxiong of molest is uploaded onto the internet. To preserve the harmonious kampung spirit, Fangfang offers a reward for the identity of the person who recorded the video clip. Megan confesses she is the culprit, but nobody believes her. The video clip goes viral.

When Sky orders her to resolve the matter, she decides to press charges against Yingxiong. Ziyu has relied on medication for a long time. However, she refuses to see a psychiatrist. Ziyu insists on pressing charges against Yingxiong. Zishan points out that the problem lies with her and that she should watch the video clip herself. Ziyu stubbornly maintains she is not in the wrong.

She insists Yingxiong should kneel and apologise. Datong tries to persuade Yingxiong to accede. As such, he decides to apologise. Liangcai warns Yingxiong about the backlash if he apologises. Yingxiong claims he only wants to help Ziyu. The neighbourhood residents are acccusatory. Fangfang urges Yingxiong to be courageous. Baojie wants to give Zihong a makeover. Zihao laughs at him for the humiliation, but Baojie rationalises the experience by saying his relationship with Zihong has improved.

Frustrated at not being able to help Ziyu, Bryan goes drinking. Zihao chances upon him. Bryan is so drunk that he unconsciously reveals Ziyu is ill. Zihao sells the information to Yuanhao. Yuanhao tries to get Tiantian and Fangfang to spread the gossip. They are torn between helping Ziyu keep her secret and helping Yingxiong clear his name.

Zihong learns from Liangliang that Yingxiong is innocent. Upset Yingxiong has taken the blame for something he did not do, she laments to Fangfang and Tiantian. She and Datong plan to take her home to give her treatment. Zijun overhears their conversation and is shocked. Zihong asks why Yingxiong had taken the rap. He replies that he seeks her favour, so she will agree to be courted by him.

Offended, Zihong storms off to the manicure shop. Megan suggest a makeover, to get her mind off her rage. The sight of her face all made up shocks Zihong. Rushing out of the manicure shop, she bumps into Baojie, who is stunned by her new look. He is determined to give her a makeover himself. Baojie tries to talk Zihong into letting him do her makeup. He reasons that he has reached stagnation career-wise and wants to challenge himself.

Datong manages to convince Ziyu to move in with them. Zijun fears Ziyu might go berserk and attack her and her child. Yingxiong goes to the Huang residence with Tiantian, to apologise to Ziyu. Zihong objects, but Yingxiong is adamant. He kneels and asks for forgiveness. Tiantian films the entire episode. He is taken by surprise. She urges Tiantian to upload the video clip onto the Internet. Knowing Ziyu intends to stay, Zijun becomes stressed and her blood pressure increases. Ziting allows Tiantian to see the nude drawings done by Pierre. Tiantian hints that the messages were written by him, but she does not believe him.

Ziyu talks angrily on the phone. Outraged that her subordinates fail to meet her requirements, she pounds the wall.

Stunned by the violence of her reaction, Zijun almost falls down the stairs. Fortunately, Yingxiong catches hold of her. Zijun is afraid to reveal her fear of Ziyu. Yingxiong looks at the photo of Yuanzhe and recalls the past. It resolves the crisis of her reputation. Upset the pilots continue to be on strike, she fires and replaces them. Yingxiong makes no comment, but feels triumphant about gaining a foothold in Prosperity Hall. After Yingxiong apologises to Ziyu, gossip about him swirls through the neighbourhood.

Zishan offers him moral support. He Sheng advises her to keep her distance, but she ignores him; she has a sense of kinship about Yingxiong. Yuanhao overhears their conversation. He quickly discusses counter-measures with Shuzhi. They get Zihao to intimidate Yingxiong, so that the latter will have no illusions about whom the future boss of Prosperity Hall will be. Zihong is unable to guess what Yingxiong is up to. Ziyu notices Yuni talking on the phone while washing the vegetables. Infuriated, she snatches the knife from her and demands she kneel down and apologise. Ziting finds Zijun behaving strangely.

She learns Ziyu has bipolar disorder. San-gu accidentally causes Ziyu to drop her handphone. Enraged, Ziyu insists she kneel down and apologise. Yingxiong and Zihong happen to pass by. Zihong blurts out that the whole family knows about her illness. Finding this hard to accept, Ziyu runs home and cries in the toilet.

The family is very concerned. To their surprise, Ziyu acts nonchalantly and announces she is going to face her illness and see a psychiatrist. He reveals to Zijun that a friend, Ma Yuanyuan, had expressed a liking for him during the trip. However, he remains loyal to Zijun. Yingxiong returns to the Huang residence. It has been many years since he last was there. He recalls how his godfather, Yuanzhe, had fallen from the staircase and died. She and Yingxiong joke and laugh together. Watching them, Zihong becomes suspicious of his real intentions.

Pierre visits unexpectedly and invites Ziting out on a date. Having just resumed work, she hesitates. Tiantian assures her that Yingxiong is capable of helping out, and asks her not to worry. Yingxiong checks the goods just delivered. Offering to help, Niujing casually asks where the storeroom is, but the answer is not forthcoming. He thinks only of Ziting. Pierre draws a portrait of Ziting in his studio. He professes his feelings for her and they kiss. Simin comes to Prosperity Hall and purchases a great amount of polygonum multiflorum.

Yingxiong learns from Datong that over-consumption will damage the liver. Ziting tells everyone she is going to get married. Though he does not show it, Tiantian is crestfallen. Xiaoqiang allows Zijun and Yuanyuan to have a conversation on the phone. He is glad she is generous enough to let him and Yuanyuan be friends. Xiaoqiang meets Niujing and Xiong Wei over a steamboat dinner. He lets his guard down and reveals the storage location to them. Pierre assures Tiantian he is serious about Ziting.

Yingxiong talks with Zishan about helping Simin. He suggests they combine both TCM and Western practices. Zishan argues that the task is arduous. Knowing He Sheng is around, Zishan deliberately allows Yingxiong to see her home. They chat happily, and He Sheng is uncomfortable. Prosperity Hall sponsors herbal tea, while Tiantian contributes healthy sandwiches. Yuanhao donates apples; these are about to arrive at the expiry date. He keeps reminding everyone to support Zihao when the latter joins Prosperity Hall. He Sheng shares the talk about Yingxiong dating Zishan.

Pierre replies that the length of courtship is nothing compared to the significance of finding the right person. Fangfang receives an invitation from Xie Xian to perform in Indonesia. He considers how to turn it down. Out of the blue, Shuzhi asks Liangliang to be her god-grandson. Zihao is harassed by loanshark runners. Yingxiong happens to know them and resolves the issue for him.

Grateful, Zihao starts treating Yingxiong like a brother. He seems to be able to get along well with people from the triads as well. That night, Niujing and Xiong Wei go to Prosperity Hall with a plan to steal the consignment of goods they had delivered. She forces a kiss on him. He goes with her to the Huang residence. When it comes to Ziting, she says she hopes Tiantian will be able to find happiness just as she has. He feels even sadder. Zishan is on the phone with Yingxiong.

Zishan replies that they are collaborating to help Simin. She learns Ziting will stop helping out at Prosperity Hall to prepare for her wedding. The sisters contemplate apologising. Datong wants to enrol Yingxiong in a TCM course and sponsor the fees.

He apologises, and faces the wall to show he is remorseful. Megan is obsessed with Tiantian. He explains that they are not well-suited, given the age gap between them. She is not convinced. Yuanhao is shocked by a video circulating on the Internet showing Yingxiong massaging Shuzhi.

He suspects they are having an affair behind his back. Yuanhao drags Shuzhi to Prosperity Hall to confront Yingxiong, whom he accuses of seducing his wife. The misunderstanding is cleared when Megan admits it was she who uploaded the video. Yingxiong takes Liangcai to dialysis. Yingxiong and Zishan visit Simin at her house to talk her around.

After much persuasion, she agrees to go for a checkup at the hospital. Yingxiong takes Zishan back to the clinic. He Sheng watches them, and is uncomfortable about their relationship. They take the opportunity to ask where the imported ginseng is stored. The unsuspecting Xiaoqiang is chatty, and even tries to give them some expensive Chinese herbs for free. Zihong is unhappy Xiaoqiang is always trying to impress his friends by giving them Chinese herbs at no charge. Niujing claims he is feeling unwell. He Sheng asks Zishan about her relationship with Yingxiong.

Sensing his jealousy, she is secretly pleased. He reminds her to adhere to the medical code of ethics. He insists relatives should be entitled to free consultation. Zishan refuses to entertain him. Ziting wonders why Pierre seems uninterested in the wedding preparations. He makes a surprise visit, toting a wedding gown for her. Elated, she tries it on. However, it is clear to everyone that the size and design of the gown is unsuitable.

Ziyu wants to press charges against Megan for uploading the alleged molest video. Secretly, Bryan goes on a date with Yunyun. Zihong, Zishan and Zijun have a huge quarrel over Xiaoqiang. Ziyu is in a very good mood. She reveals she will soon be replacing Sky. She intends to restructure the company and fire the incompetent people.

Over red wine and a celebratory meal she has prepared for Bryan, she suggests they have a baby. Ziting announces the date of her wedding. She adds that Yingxiong will be taking over her duties after she is married. He will also be enrolled in a course on TCM. Everyone then realises Yingxiong is a university graduate. Simin is found to have a high level of toxins in her body. Fortunately, she is treated before there is any damage to her liver. She cooks dumplings for Yingxiong and Zishan to express her gratitude. He Sheng is jealous of the camaraderie between Zishan and Yingxiong.

Niujing grabs the chance to encourage him to enter into a joint venture with them, supplying Chinese herbs. He Sheng is uncomfortable about the camaraderie between Yingxiong and Zishan. He warns Yingxiong not to hurt her. Zixin realises Zishan is deliberately friendly to Yingxiong, to make He Sheng jealous.

She encourages Zishan to keep it up. Zixin borrows money from Zishan to buy an expensive gift for Dachang Longyi. Datong teaches Yingxiong the fundamentals of TCM. Yingxiong lets on that he was married at a young age. While he was in university, his father became ill and, on top of that, his wife passed away. Devastated, he neglected his studies. He almost gave up on his life but pressed on for the sake of his father and his young son. Zihong asks if he is courting Zishan, and is questioned if she is jealous.

Zihong feels he is hiding something. An old beggar, Ouyang Yixiu Zhu Houren , is sleeping outside the fruit stall. Yuanhao and Shuzhi chase him away with malicious words. Zihao has leg cramps, and Baojie takes him home. Shuzhi insists he should get treatment at Prosperity Hall. Baojie tells Zihong he has been doing volunteer work regularly. He claims that as the boss he just needs to take care of the earnings. Yuanhao and Shuzhi learn of his reply and reprimand him for being foolish. They want Baojie, who comes up with some ideas for restructuring, to be his advisor.

Tiantian is unwilling to accept Megan. Fangfang asks Jinzhu and her husband, Guo Lairen, to share their experience; there is a large age gap between them too. Bryan learns Ziyu wants to press charges against Megan and criticises her sharply. Xiaoqiang hides this from Zijun to avoid any misunderstanding. Niujing and Xiong Wei pay an unannounced visit. He Sheng takes Zishan to the beach unexpectedly. His gestures set her heart aflutter. Later, when Meiling asks He Sheng where he has been, he lies to her. He continues his relationship with Zishan secretly. She exaggerates their condition and asks for a referral to see a specialist.

Declaring they are fine, Zishan turns down her request. The children reveal that their mother keeps taking them to doctors. Meiling wants to matchmake Zishan and a male patient. Niujing and Xiong Wei visit the Huangs, and offer to cook their specialities. In the kitchen, they cook all the expensive ingredients they can find, to satisfy their own appetite. Zihong refuses to watch a movie with Baojie. Zihong finds this hard to believe. Fengying is seen dragging her children to another clinic.

Yingxiong and Zihong sympathise. Megan sends gifts to Tiantian to express her love. Thinking she is afraid to face the lawsuit alone, he comforts her and says he and his brother will help resolve the issue. Bryan promises to persuade Ziyu to drop the charges. However, Ziyu maintains she will not change her mind. However, she does not want the matter to get out of hand. Undecided, she leaves without a word. She encounters Yixiu, who looks like a deaf-mute homeless man.

She cannot help but confide in him.

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Zixin returns home over the weekend. She video-chats with her secret lover, Longyi. Datong asks He Sheng about his plans to marry Meiling.